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11/19/2020 How to make a WinForms app with .NET 5 entirely from the command line and publish as one self-contained file
12/04/2018 Announcing WPF, WinForms, and WinUI are going Open Source
03/21/2013 NuGet Package of the Week #13 - Portable HttpClient makes portable libraries more useful
10/12/2012 How to call WinRT APIs in Windows 8 from C# Desktop Applications - WinRT Diagram
08/12/2010 The Weekly Source Code 56 - Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit - Code Contracts, Parallel Framework and COM Interop
07/30/2010 Dealing with Images with Bad Metadata - Corrupted Color Profiles in WPF
04/12/2010 Visual Studio 2010 Released
04/09/2010 Spring Speaking Rollup 2010: Recent Talks and Upcoming Talks at Microsoft WebCamps
03/25/2010 Programmatically Detecting Screen Readers
03/09/2010 WPF and Text Blurriness, now with complete Clarity
03/06/2010 Video Trip Report: If this is Tuesday, this must be Cairo
02/09/2010 SmallestDotNet Update - Now with .NET 4 support and an includable JavaScript API
02/04/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 198 - Reactive Extensions for .NET (Rx) with Erik Meijer
01/20/2010 How many PCs in the world have the .NET Framework installed?
01/14/2010 2010 Survey Results: What .NET Framework features do you use?
01/14/2010 Favor - Help Us Test .NET 4 Beta 2 on Windows Update (WU)
01/01/2010 2009 Blogged - Greatest Hits
12/31/2009 The (Near) Final Word on Multi-Monitor Taskbars for Windows 7 - Ultramon vs. DisplayFusion
11/12/2009 Our little team is growing - Welcome to Jon Galloway and Pete Brown
10/30/2009 The Weekly Source Code 46 - Jeff Key rocks Taskbar Meters that Monitor your Windows 7 CPU and Memory and Disk in the Taskbar
10/26/2009 Light it Up: List of Applications that use new Windows 7 Features
10/08/2009 A new MSDN for a new Operating System and a new Development Environment
09/22/2009 Programming for Absolute Beginners
09/01/2009 The Weekly Source Code 45 - Kicking Butt on Windows 7 *and* Windows XP
07/14/2009 The Weekly Source Code 44 - Virtu, an Apple Emulator in C# for Silverlight, WPF and XNA
07/01/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 168 - Successful Cross Platform .NET Development - Mono and Banshee with Aaron Bockover
06/24/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 166 - Windows Presentation Foundation explained by Ian Griffiths
04/03/2009 The Weekly Source Code 40 - TweetSharp and Introducing Tweet Sandwich
04/01/2009 .NET 4.1 Preview - New Base Class Library (BCL) Extension Methods - RFC
02/18/2009 Porting WPF Applications to the Microsoft Surface
02/13/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 149 - Deconstructing "blu" - a new WPF Twitter client from thirteen23
02/12/2009 Moonlight 1.0 Release - Open Source Silverlight 1.0 Implementation on Linux
02/11/2009 Back to Basics: 32-bit and 64-bit confusion around x86 and x64 and the .NET Framework and CLR
01/27/2009 BizSpark - Free Software and Production Licenses for Startups in the Startup Phase
01/16/2009 Real World Apps in Days not Weeks
01/12/2009 MouseEnter and MouseLeave loops in WPF
01/06/2009 Be Aware of DPI with Image PNGs in WPF - Images Scale Weird or are Blurry
11/15/2008 Update on the GDR that is coming for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
11/13/2008 Using Crowdsourcing for Expanding Localization of Products
10/22/2008 Survey RESULTS: What .NET Framework features do you use?
10/17/2008 PDC Preparation Presses...
10/14/2008 Survey Time: What .NET Framework features do you use?
10/09/2008 PDC: Microsoft .NET Framework: Overview and Applications for Babies
09/23/2008 Update on .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Windows Update
09/12/2008 The Weekly Source Code 33 - Microsoft Open Source inside Google Chrome
09/05/2008 Firefox, ClickOnce, XBAPs and .NET 3.5 SP1
09/05/2008 Windows Live Mesh, Silverlight and the CoreCLR
08/24/2008 SmallestDotNet: On the Size of the .NET Framework
08/21/2008 The Weekly Source Code 32- Atom, AtomPub and BlogSvc, an AtomPub Server in WCF
08/13/2008 Hidden Gems - Not the same old 3.5 SP1 post
08/08/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 125 - Accessibility in Web and Rich Applications
08/02/2008 The Weekly Source Code 31- Single Instance WinForms and Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll
08/01/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - Manually Managing ClickOnce and some more Designer Goodness
07/19/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - Making a Transparent Window with Substance
07/18/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash and Back to Basics - Making Assumptions and When to Turn to Books
07/18/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - Customer Feedback and a WPF Font ComboBox
07/17/2008 Developer != Designer
07/10/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - MVC or MVP and the Benefits of a Designer
07/07/2008 Hanselminutes Podcast 120 - The Odd Couple - A Developer and a Designer talk about working with XAML
07/02/2008 Back to Basics - This is not the object you're looking...wait, oh, it is the object
06/13/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - Factories, Interfaces, Delegates and Lambdas, oh my!
06/13/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - Pushing things up a level with another set of eyes
06/12/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - Keeping it DRY with XAML Styles
06/11/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - Speech Synthesis
06/03/2008 Learning WPF with BabySmash - Configuration with DataBinding
06/02/2008 Introducing BabySmash - A WPF Experiment
02/07/2008 Visual Studio Programmer Themes Gallery
02/02/2008 Firefox, WPF and XBAP

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